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Dunstan Road


4 day guided tour

$1300pp, 4 person minimum applies


The iconic Dunstan Road was used from the 1862 onwards as it was the shortest (not always the quickest) route from Dunedin to the newly discovered goldfields at Dunstan, now known as Clyde. It was used primarily by large wagon trains bringing supplies. As a result of the end of the goldrush and the building of a railway linking Clyde in the late 1890's, it was largely forgotten and fell into disuse. It now enjoys something of a renaissance, being used by trail bikers, 4WD vehicles and mountainbikers.

The route follows a straight line more or less from Dunedin to Clyde over 3 large hill ranges, 2 of which top out at over 1000m, enough to catch the odd summer snow shower. The countryside is open, allowing for stunning views. We ride through typical Otago high country characterized by spinifex, tussock and the iconic Central Otago rock tors.

We stay at high country stations, eat locally produced food and access private tracks for views reserved only for the locals. We experience the southern hospitality of New Zealand that once was.

Unique in New Zealand, the Dunstan Road should be on every mountain bikers bucket list!   

4 person minimum applies


  • 4 days guided mountain biking

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • all meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner


  • hilly, with some steep climbs, rough 4WD tracks

  • cycling distance/day 40-70km

  • technical ability required medium

  • fitness level medium

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Catlins Bike Tour

the wild south

3 day guided tour

$850pp, 4 person minimum applies


The Wild South Tour explores routes through New Zealand coastal rainforest remnant on the South East coast of Otago. This is our least physically demanding multiday tour. Cycle along quiet back country gravel roads, tracks and untouched beaches with plenty of native forest and wildlife.

Highlights include the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin viewing and rare Hooker Sealion, forest walks, waterfalls and sea caves. 

4 person minimum applies


  • 3 days guided tour

  • 2 nights accommodation

  • all meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner


  • hilly gravel roads, beach riding

  • cycling distance 50km per day

  • technical ability required beginner

  • fitness level required medium

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Singletrack City

sweet sweet singletrack


$1100pp, 4 person minimum


This 4 day tour is for those that love XC mountain biking. We have crammed as much singletrack as possible into this tour, with a wide variety of riding environments, from the muddier coastal forest trails to the dry gravel trails of central Otago.

Lots of flowing singletrack, bermed corners, technical up and downhill trails. 

The first 2 days are spent in Dunedin, where there is a huge range of XC trails for all abilities to choose from. Days 3 and 4 are spent riding inland trails. The singletrack here is typical of Central Otago, fine gravel surface with tons of grip. The flowy singletrack utilises the natural rock features and old gold mining water races, which makes these some of the worlds best singletrack trails.


  • 4 days guided mountain biking

  • 1 nights accommodation

  • 4 lunches, 1 breakfast and dinner


  • singletrack, 4WD track and mountain bike trails

  • cycling distance 30-50km/day

  • technical ability required intermediate

  • fitness level required high

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