Monster tides

Sometimes Mother Nature interferes with tours.... We usually ride on this beach, but yesterday, as a result of huge waves, we couldn't even get onto the beach! The waves were some of the biggest I've seen on the Otago Peninsula, some up to 10m high!, they were the product of huge storms in the southern ocean and also high winds. They are extremely powerful and come in very fast.

This video shows Victory Beach from the sand dunes and the end of the beach access track. It was a 2m drop down to the beach from my feet. The dunes tower up to 5m above the beach and is habitat for Yellow Eyed Penguins and NZ Hooker Sealions. Unfortunately the sea has eroded away a huge chunk of these dunes over the last 48 hours, advancing around 15m inland. 

The forecast is for the seas to reduce over the next few days. I hope the penguins and sealions have found refuge somewhere and they return to the beach. We should be able to enjoy the ride along this beach again soon.